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This page is for notes and Things To Do.  When complete, add date to the front of the Line Item


  • Add text to mentors

  • Get missing pictures for mentors

  • Add missing mentors

  • Done - Create troubleshooting page

  • Mentors Mobile Page is messed up

  • Add a credits or citation page

  • Header is transparent and look weird when scrolling content

  • Add kickoff details page

  • Done - Background of Header menu is semi-transparent and looks weird

  • 2020: Infinite Recharge is under Archives.  Should move to a current content tab of some sort

  • Done - Archive tab has a "folders" selection that is not selectable.  What is it?

  • Two navigation panes on header.

  • Countdown timer on shop monitor not showing on all pages and formatted improperly on others.

  • Check mobile version

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